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Powerful. That word always come up when I write about the work of Iraqi born, US based artist Hayv Kahraman. I had the honor of writing her whole story in my latest book, A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK – Now with Women … which just so happens to be hitting shelves, worldwide, today! It is big, important, and filled with stories of unstoppable women – both contemporary and historical. Hayv’s bio and paintings are in Chapter 12 : Look To The Past {p.232 – 237}, as her work is directly influenced by her past personal experiences – fleeing Iraq with her family at the tender age of eleven, for example. Hayv is an extraordinary person and insanely talented artist. In fact, she has an absolutely stunning show hanging right now {install shown above} at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects in Culver City. Here is a taste of what this show explores:

“Silence is Gold” powerfully reveals the important role played by sexuality and violence in claims to asylum and to humanitarian aid; but it also demonstrates that this works differently for different people. Women fleeing from the global South largely need to sexualize and sell themselves to cross borders, or to sell the very real violence they may have experienced [Note 3]. Trafficking victims must be at once innocent and ravaged; they must leverage their violation even as they must be ashamed of it. These women are required to provide the graphic details of their sexual exploitation, in ways that can end up being both horrifying and titillating for those who serve as legal or political adjudicators. ~Dr. Miriam Ticktin on Havy Kahraman’s exhibition “Silence Is Gold” at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles.

Powerful. “Silence is Gold” will be up until October 27th at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles.

I am so, so, so incredibly proud of this book … if you see it in a shop, snap a photo for me {and you know, buy it too!} 

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  1. HOLLY ONEILL /// 10.04.2018 /// 10:58am

    Got your new book, and LOVE IT! Can’t wait to work on some projects. Where can I find your Collage book?! Is it out of print?

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.04.2018 /// 12:00pm

    hi holly – yeah, it is : ( i have a few in a box at home though … i could send one your way if you like 😉

  3. HOLLY ONEILL /// 10.04.2018 /// 5:54pm

    Yes, I would love that! What’s the best way to reach you?

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.05.2018 /// 6:58am

    ok! just email me and we’ll get it figured out 🙂 contact@thejealouscurator.com

  5. Nancy Issenman /// 10.08.2018 /// 9:40am

    Could I score a copy of your collage book too?