pilar mehlis

Beautiful and bizarre… ah yes, one of my favorite combinations! I don’t know what I love best, but those delicate legs made from dress pattern tissue are at the top of my list. This is the work of Canada based artist Pilar Mehlis, and this is why she puts legs on fish:

“At the age of twelve I moved from La Paz, Bolivia to Whitehorse,Yukon in the middle of winter. This move and life shift changed my perception of “self” in many ways and hence has become a focus in my work …  In the last few years I have been exploring ideas of immigration and migrations both human and animal. The anthropomorphic forms: AntroFish (half human, half fish) and Ornithrope (Half human, half bird) have become the perfect vessels for the exploration of these ideas. They serve as  “carriers” of all the things I associate with immigration and migration. I metaphorically recount these explorations through these figures and tell the viewer the story I know best: my own.”

Lovely. Happy weekend.

comments (2)

  1. Johnb /// 11.10.2018 /// 12:24am

    Just love the artwork.

    Hate the bull…. quote from the artist in the footnote.

  2. Amy Tingle /// 11.10.2018 /// 4:58am

    Whoa! As a woman who learned to fish with her dad at a very young age and was simultaneously captivated and repulsed by the experience (I loved the water, the beautiful scales, the calm peaceful feeling but hated the painful hooks, the bulging eyes, the blood on the wooden docks), these drop me right back into that space. I am simultaneously captivated and repulsed in the very best way by these.

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