mimi o chun

Gigantic hands? Yes please. This is the fabulous work of Brooklyn based artist Mimi O Chun. All of her work is fantastic {so yes, I’ve already arranged to have her on an upcoming podcast episode!}, but today I wanted to share her series, titled Manu Propria (Latin for with one’s own hand). It “consists of soft sculptures of hands that explore the ways in which we enact personal notions of beauty, culture, and identity through micro-acts of adornment.” Her whole artist statement about this body of work can be read right here, but I really wanted to include this last part of it in the post:

“In the wake of the 2016 US elections, I’ve experienced an even greater urgency to develop this body of work. As progressive policy impacting matters of immigration, religious freedom, equality, and reproductive rights come under siege, I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate the many ways in which visible forms of personal expression can define, differentiate, and unite us — one hijab, pink pussy hat, or nail at a time.”

Amen, sister.

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  1. mimi o chun - gigantic hands with her own hands - Bailey Street Design /// 11.13.2018 /// 7:28pm

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