amy alice thompson

Gasp! This is the work of Canadian artist Amy Alice Thompson, from an ongoing series titled Monument. I’ve written about her work before, because how could I not? Majestic landscapes and gold leaf geometric shapes that “draw the viewer in, and allow them to meditate on what is, and is not, missing.” Beautiful. Also beautiful… the most recent addition to this body of work. Yep, I’m talking about the bits and pieces in those translucent envelopes:

“Small fragments – often the cast offs of other works – have been assembled into glassine envelopes to create enigmatic, intimate compartments or phrases. The simplicity and limited components of these pieces likens them to the Japanese haiku. These pieces depict the essence of the haiku form, which is the art of cutting.”

Fragmented magic / Bits of gold and broken land / I’ll say ‘gasp’ again ~ Haiku by Danielle Krysa