audun grimstad

Gasp! Perfect folding / flowing fabric, and abstract shapes filled with vibrant candy-colored gradients. This is the breathtaking work of Norwegian artist Audun Grimstad. All of these oil paintings {um yes, OIL PAINTINGS} are part of his most recent series:

” … “Body Cage” plays with elements of fashion design — ornate garments, lush spaces, bold colours — to create abstract arrangements that explore issues of feeling trapped inside the facades we construct around our identities. The paintings hint at narratives about the human condition, where the opposites hope and regret is central.”


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  1. Katja /// 12.15.2018 /// 9:18am

    Beautiful. My first thought: invisible ghosts of the forests with their auras visible and turned into neon-sticks dressed in precious garments taking a walk. modern and ancient. Love.
    Thanks for sharing!