patricia larocque

Embroidery that makes me not hate snakes… now that is something special! This is the colorful, hilarious and wonderfully weird work of Canadian {France based} artist Patricia Larocque. Are you wondering, “What? Why? Where?”… I’ll let Patricia explain:

“The designs stem from my over active imagination that braids in imagery from horror films and the stranger-then-fiction stories of reality TV.”

Ahhhh yes, that makes sense. That description also explains why her Instagram feed makes me happy and scared all at the same time.

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  1. Amy Tingle /// 01.12.2019 /// 5:05am

    The beaded teeth are the scariest!! They make me tighten my lips in horror. Do you know the book by Fran Krause, Deep Dark Fears? Beady teeth might be one of mine now. 😉