So weird… so fantastic! This is the beautifully bizarre work of Calgary-based duo daveandjenn, aka David John Foy and Jennifer Saleik. Their newest show, titled Whenever it Hurts” opens Saturday January 19, 3-6 pm at General Hardware Contemporary in Toronto. Also, if I ever saw that final piece while frolicking on the beach… yeah, I would need to change my swimsuit.

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  1. Lisa Deanne Smith /// 01.12.2019 /// 4:18pm

    DaveandJenn also have a large scale installation in a group exhibition opening at Onsite Gallery in Toronto this Wednesday, January 16! Their amazing work is not to be missed!

  2. Yves Trepanier /// 01.13.2019 /// 5:36am

    Agreed! Both exhitions are not to be missed. DaveandJenn’s latest sculpture works are fantastic in the true sense of the word!