megan stelljes

Orange you glad I’m writing about GLASS PRODUCE!? This shit is, in fact, bananas. I had an artsy food theme accidentally weaving its way through my posts this week, so why not finish wrap things up with the hilarious, colorful, beautifully executed work of American glass artist Megan Stelljes. Here are a few of her words about why she does what she does:

“Art has always been present in my life.  Making art with my hands is where I find my passion.  I am extremely reactive to my surroundings, and my work is a direct reflection of this. Since moving to Washington from Kansas, my art has developed as a response to the cultural contrast between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest.  I use my art as a way of exploring my own values and emotions that are continuously influenced by a new climates and changing social scenes. I am responding to these changes through my sculpture and jewelry, with an aesthetic that is inspired by popular culture. My designs are often presented to me through daydreams.  I then start sketching and refining a form, and I begin creating each piece as an object to treasure. I began working with jewelry and glass together to exaggerate everything I love about glass: the way it captures and reflects light, its saturated colors, and its eye catching sparkle. I appreciate boldness and shine.”

Boldness, indeed. Happy Friday.

comments (4)

  1. Jennifer Adams /// 01.25.2019 /// 9:39am

    Yes! I love it!

  2. Amy Tingle /// 01.26.2019 /// 5:23am

    THIS SHIT IS BANANAS. Also, my friend says this all the time so I laughed out loud and now I think she needs this on her living room wall. Thanks for starting off my Saturday just right.

  3. Krishna Pulkundwar /// 01.27.2019 /// 5:43am

    Wonderful creation.!!!
    Thanks for sharing this creative work.

  4. megan stelljes - ZURIRED NEWS /// 02.03.2019 /// 9:58am

    […] megan stelljes […]

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