victoria reichelt

Stunning photographs, no? NO, because THEY’RE OIL PAINTINGS! I’ve written about the hyper-real work of Australian painter Victoria Reichelt before, but these new pieces are very timely both figuratively and literally… the subject matter, of course – from “Takeaway Horror” to “Corrugated Horror”- speaks to current eco issues, AND all four of these pieces happen to be hanging at Art Basel Hong Kong right now, through this weekend. If you’re there, look for This Is No Fantasy,  the Australian gallery that represents Victoria’s work.

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  1. Brian DeCicco /// 03.29.2019 /// 5:59am

    These paintings are amazing!

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2019 /// 6:46am

    i agree!

  3. Sharon Pierce McCullough /// 03.29.2019 /// 5:28pm

    These are absolutely stunning! Thanks.