ana gómez

Ceramic ‘Happy Meals’ … LOVE. These pieces are the work of Mexican artist Ana Gómez, and are all part of her “Disposables” series. Here is part of the description of this work from her website:

Consumption as a synonym of happiness. The disposable as synonymous with modernity. The adoption of new habits as an illusion of progress. Three ideas that shaped, almost unconsciously, a consumer society after the war. Three ideas that, almost consciously, are suggested in the work – and the discourse that sustains it – that Ana Gómez presents to us in Disposable .
Knowing the role of food in the game of added value of consumption-in which the nutritious and healthy go to the background-Ana Gómez dissects our relationship with food and how it has been transformed from its Good interchangeability condition. A cultural, economic and nutritional exchange that, while leaving behind tons of garbage, children and adults with overweight problems and the perception that “for four pesos more” one feeds better with “potatoes and large soft drinks”, allows Ana Gómez to play with the idea that these waste, physical and emotional, can also be transformed and transited in the same plane in which consumption moves: the symbolic. 

If you happen to be in the Bay Area in the next few months, you can see some of these pieces in “Tradition Interrupted” at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA. The show runs from April 11 until June 23, 2019.

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  1. Amanda /// 04.02.2019 /// 4:28am

    Love this ceramic collection and it’s social purpose!