claire loder

Beautiful and bizarre … yep, always a fabulous combo. I wrote about UK based artist¬†Claire Loder waaaaay back in 2011, so clearly it’s time to do it again. Oh look, here’s a perfect excuse … a brand new gallery, Hey There Projects, is opening in Joshua Tree, California this May, and they just announced that Claire’s work will showing there in September. Flower faces staring directly into your soul while the middle of the desert? Yes, please!

ps. Hey There¬†is the creation of LA’s Mark Todd and Aaron Smith. Both of them are amazing artists, they both teach at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, and they’ve both been on my podcast. Obviously they needed to add “both own a gallery” to that list.

comments (3)

  1. Clare /// 04.04.2019 /// 1:43am

    Gorgeousness- Strange gorgeousness, my favorite…!!!

  2. perci chester /// 04.06.2019 /// 5:21am

    Humor with the direct gaze! Enchanting!

  3. Charline Giffard /// 04.07.2019 /// 3:49pm

    LOVE this!