alex chinneck

Jaw. Drops. 

This insane sculpture of an Italian facade being unzipped (!?) was just unveiled at Milan Design Week by British sculptor Alex Chinneck (in partnership with IQOS.) And, apparently, he’s not quite finished! On his Instagram feed yesterday, Alex writes, “This is the most ambitious work I’ve ever made – and there are two more to come. See it at Via Tortona 31 all this week.” Insane.

*Photographs by Marc Wilmot

comments (3)

  1. Bradford /// 04.10.2019 /// 7:19am

    I’m gobsmacked! Just incredible!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.11.2019 /// 6:44am

    i know, right!?

  3. Maggie /// 04.11.2019 /// 9:14am

    This is amazeballs! I only hope it’s still there when I return in September. Would love to see this in person!