jessica oreck

“I tend to think of myself less as an artist and more as a Bower Bird, compositing and arranging archipelagos of intricate nests.”

Currently based in South Korea, American artist Jessica Oreck makes multiple collage series, all of which live under the theme of “Sent From Where I Am”. This dreamy grouping, for example, is titled “Manila, Philippines : Collected November, 2018”. It’s basically a mix & match game usingĀ faded historical figure flashcards she found in a dusty bookshop in a mall in Manila. LOVE. Here are Jessica’s words on why she does what she does…

“I am enthralled by the objects and remnants that fall through the cracks – caught somewhere in limbo between belonging(s) and trash – the habitually forgotten residues of other people’s lives … The collages each engage directly with a sense of place. Every collection is comprised of materials gathered in a single location. Drawing on the limitations and precision of the imagery, the collages reveal a sort of palimpsest of ethos – a layering of mutating cultural vogues, the anonymous censorship of time, and my own socially muddied sense of self.”

Beautiful. Happy Friday.

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