thomas c. chung

This is the dreamy work of Chinese-Australian artist (based in Melbourne and Sydney) Thomas C. Chung. I wrote about him years ago when his portfolio was full of fiber… but now it’s filled with neon and rainbow-filled skies printed on mirrors! Here is part of his artist statement about this 2018 show at Galerie pompom in Sydney:

“In a world that is in search of Utopia – reaching for such great heights – there is an uncertainty to this pursuit. In being vulnerable we become susceptible, a process which reveals its own limits.

“…It Was Like Seeing A Fallen Rainbow”, is an exhibition connecting the loss of innocence with our reflected self. Continuing my earliest years of research into exploring the childlike psyche, this lifelong narrative is a conceptual fusion mediating my interests in psychology, philosophy and contemporary aesthetics.

Utilising aerial photography, “From Up Above…So It Is” is a vast series of cloudscapes printed upon mirrors. The compositions are in a state of free fall, drifting in the sky, passing through a prism of colour and peering into the sea. Occupying a space between disturbance and the aftermath, a rainbow is a temporary rift formed by the dispersion of light. A moment between moments.

Sitting on a bed of chiselled stone is a text-based installation created in neon. The twisted sentence spelling out the title of the show. Contrasting elements of dense, dark stone the fluorescence of electrified glass is a play on weight and tone, content and tension.”


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  2. Emilia Weathers /// 05.10.2019 /// 9:13am

    What a find. These rainbows are so lit!

  3. Kristi Kohut /// 05.11.2019 /// 6:05am

    His work is so beautiful….can only imagine how powerful it must be in person!