rob croxford

At first, I thought, ‘Cool, vintage sign paintings’, until I realized what I was actually looking at… vintage signs and pop culture movies had a bunch ‘o babies! This is the work of Canadian artist Rob Croxford. Rob has been a full-time artist for almost two decades, but in May 2018, a studio fire all but destroyed his Toronto studio … and his complete inventory of artworks. I can’t even imagine. This series, titled “Sign of the Times”is his fresh start. Here are Rob’s words about why he does what he does:

“As a child of the 70’s, I was mostly raised by television and movies. Advertising and pop culture became my religion and the wisdom I gleaned shaped my sensibilities as an artist … My new series of paintings is the culmination of all my obsessions. By integrating iconic movie quotes into the landscape of well worn roadside signage I am merging pop culture, nostalgia and humour. This blend of elements creates something familiar and yet completely new.”

Good luck on this ‘completely new’ adventure, Rob!

comments (2)

  1. Rob Croxford /// 05.14.2019 /// 12:59pm

    THANKS FOR THIS!!!!! I’m excited about the future!!
    You da best!

  2. Berta /// 05.15.2019 /// 10:40am

    Amazing!!! It’s difficult to believe these are paintings! So talented.

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