godeleine de rosamel

You know how I feel about cute/weird, right? Yep. This is the ceramic work of LA based artist Godeleine de Rosamel. Strange little creatures who, I can only assume, live in the magical forests of Godeleine’s imagination. Here are her words about what she does:

“They are imaginary animals adapted or evolved from reality, but nothing that really exists. I love that my work lets me play at being the original creator of new life forms. It really fits with my interest in natural history, evolution and the wonders of nature in general … I have also always been drawn to what is called “low tech”, and the fact that beautiful and meaningful art can be created out of very simple materials.

I also do illustrations for children’s books, inspired from my ceramic work.”

Yes, yes, yes! I was just about to say she should illustrate children’s books! Some of Godeleine’s work – ceramics and books – can be found in her online shop.

{Found via HeyThere Projects}

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