lia tajcnar

How do you make crazy, whimsical, totally unique sculptures even more beautiful? Stick flowers in ’em! Yes, all of these organic-inspired artworks actually double as flower vases. What? Yep. This is the fun and fabulous work of Australian artist Lia Tajcnar, aka Curiosity Smith. That’s Lia above, surrounded by the gorgeous ceramic jungle she’s creating piece by piece. Happy Friday.

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  1. Tenane Faotu /// 06.14.2019 /// 12:51pm

    Gorgeous pieces. Makes me think of corals, corals and nature.

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.14.2019 /// 6:48pm


  3. Sharmon Davidson /// 06.16.2019 /// 11:08am

    So very weird, I love them!