marc fornes

I want to run around in, sit under, and climb on everything in the portfolio of New York based artist / architect Marc Fornes, aka THEVERYMAN. Organic shapes, industrial materials, and vibrant colors¬†work together in all of Mark’s public art pieces. The two sculptures above are located in 1) Charlotte NC, and 2) Edmonton AB … oh, and he’s also shown his work in a few other places:

“Some of these prototypical architectures have acquired and displayed by institutions and galleries including the Centre Pompidou (Paris), where Y/STRUC/SURF is part of the permanent collection, the FRAC Centre (Orleans, FR), and the Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York). Marc has also exhibited at the Guggenheim, GGG Art Basel Miami, Art Paris and sold at auction at Phillips De Pury.”

Happy Monday.

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  1. Crystal /// 07.29.2019 /// 4:45pm

    those constructions are beautiful! there is a show called extreme homes with artwork like that, but turned into living spaces.