andrea d’aquino, ruth asawa and a GIVEAWAY

… and the winner is… REBECCA POTTS! Thank you so much to everyone who entered for a chance to win a copy of this gorgeous children’s book. “A Life Made by Hand – The Story of Ruth Asawa” by Andrea D’Aquino will be on shelves on September 3rd, 2019 so be sure to pick up a copy!

Love, love, looooooove! An artist I love, telling the story of another artist I love… could Monday get any better?  This is the latest book by New York based mixed media artist/illustrator Andrea D’Aquino. It’s titled A LIFE MADE BY HAND. THE STORY OF RUTH ASAWA” and it is so, so, so lovely! This beautifully illustrated, very sweet storybook about an important Japanese American artist will be on shelves this September, but you can preorder it right this very minute. You could also leave a comment below because I’m GIVING AWAY ONE COPY of this beauty to one of you beauties! I’ll draw one name this Friday August 23rd and, yes, everyone from everywhere is eligible because that’s how I roll. Happy Monday.

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  1. Amanda Walters /// 08.19.2019 /// 5:08am

    So much yes! Sounds like a good read for my creative little ones.

  2. Lisa /// 08.19.2019 /// 6:38am

    So lovely!

  3. Pamela Hastings /// 08.19.2019 /// 7:19am

    I love the combo of collage and drawing in these illustrations. I use it in my own work illustrating stories of my life and my alter ego, Graphic Grannie…(Brooklyn Sketchbook Project under Pamela Hastings) Some of my books are made of fabric plus photographs. I collect children’s books with inspiring illustrations.

  4. Yael /// 08.19.2019 /// 7:47am

    Love everything about tbis book!

  5. Samantha Agar /// 08.19.2019 /// 7:48am

    How gorgeous! I love the way she describes herself as a maker who will use anything she can find; a reversal of the limits or “can’ts” too often presented to us about creativity when we are young. And you have to adore a book that talks about three dimensional art and illustrates it with two dimensional

  6. Hélène Arsenault /// 08.19.2019 /// 7:52am

    Creative beauty, so lovely !

  7. Cari /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:02am

    What a lovely and inspiring book! Thank you for the chance to win a copy!

  8. Jamie L. Luoto /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:07am

    “Sculpture is like framing. If you keep at it, you get a lot done” – Ruth Asawa …. I love the simplicity of this truth.

  9. Vanessa Hadikusumah /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:08am

    Can’t wait to share this book with an artistic little girl I know. 🙂

  10. Juliette Pestel /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:11am

    Love Andrea D’Aquino’s work! Would LOVE to have this book, thank you for the chance to win it Danielle ❤

  11. Molly /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:12am

    I’ve had an eye on this book for a while because 1) I love Ruth Asawa 2) I love picture books 3) I work with kids and art books are my favorite to use in class 4) last but certainly not least, I love Andrea D’Aquino’s work!

  12. Risa /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:13am

    was so excited to hear about this book! ruth asawa is one of my most favorite artists. ❤️

  13. Aditi /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:14am

    A visual and literary treat!

    I love the art recommended on your Instagram page, and this book looks a collection of pages I would to be able to look at and read with my little one again and again. My partner and I enjoy working with our hands, be it with plants and the soil, food, wood or metal. We have been slowly introducing our little one to joys of being a maker. Her very first toys were two teethers that we had each made for her. Echoing what the previous comment said, thank you for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  14. Alli /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:20am

    It’s such a stunning book!! I love following her work and seeing this book now published.

  15. Veronica Funk /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:25am

    It’s beautiful!

  16. Marie /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:31am

    Oh, what a marvelous book! It would be a delight to me, and a beautiful and relatable introduction to art for my son. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Em /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:36am

    So very charming and beautiful

  18. wendy /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:37am

    Georgous inspiration! Love these illustrations and the theme of creativity from materials that surround you. Thank you for sharing and encouraging people to just get to it!

  19. Joyce /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:42am

    yes please… ♡ joyce

  20. Sandy /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:46am


  21. Sharon Lunn /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:47am

    What a wonderful book. Its a work of art in itself as well as introducing us to the work of this sculptor.

  22. Michael /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:48am

    Would also make a lovely gift

  23. Gabrielle Clarke /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:50am

    Yes please! Love sandwich

  24. Christine Donovan /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:55am

    I would love to read this book to my grandchildren, to share possibilities of creative lives.

  25. Molly Dunham /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:57am

    Thank you for bringing this book to my attention!

  26. Elizabeth Arzani /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:00am

    My birthday is at the end of this month, it’s actually the same day that Princess Diana died. I’ve always been able to use that line as a conversation ender. What I’m trying to say is… this would be a great present to win!

  27. Vigdis Landmark Johansen /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:02am

    If i win this book (that looks absolutely amazing by the way), i will use it in the classroom this fall❤️

  28. Marie-Josée /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:05am

    Oh, I love Ruth Asawa’s work so much! I love the repetitive patterns in general, and her many “loops”. How meditative it must have been to create her beautiful pieces. And what a great idea to write/illustrate a book about her life!

  29. Sheri Park /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:10am

    How lovely. I might give it to my niece and nephew (3 and 5) who are always creatively inspiring me, or I might keep it for myself 🙂

  30. Stephanie /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:10am

    I love this artist and all artist bio picture books! I am starting a position as a high school art teacher and I want my students to study picture books like this before making one of their own. Maybe they will research an artist or maybe it will be a story of their own artistic journey. Thank you for sharing this one!!

  31. Arlene Wanetick /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:12am


  32. Patricia /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:14am

    Can’t wait to gift this to my beautiful, creative friends and granddaughters!

  33. Nikii Richey /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:19am

    This post took my breath away. I’m a wire sculptor and Ruth Asawa is the Goddess of Wire!! Thank you so much for all of your inspiring posts.

  34. cp /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:24am

    I am a big fan of andrea d’aquino, and this looks lovely. hurray for printed books!

  35. Erin Ralston /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:26am

    Beautiful! We just brought our son home and I keep thinking of all the ways we will foster his creativity… and how there are not nearly enough lovely children’s books out there!

  36. Gerrie Congdon /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:30am

    This reminded me of my daughter Stephanie. I would so love this for her.

  37. Elise Park /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:33am

    So wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I fell in love with her Alice in Winderland edition and I’m so excited to see this one in person!

  38. Michelle Wilman /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:36am

    “Now it was time for others to look closely and wonder.” Beautiful! Thank you for sharing news of this book’s creation ❤️

  39. Jane El Simpson /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:37am

    Beautiful story, illustrations AND both artists.

  40. Genevieve Moore /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:44am

    I would love to give this to an artist friend. Thank you for offering to give a copy away! <3

  41. Sue /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:45am

    What a perfect pairing of one fabulous artist to tell the story of another!

  42. Dorit elisha /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:50am

    I have been admiring Andrea’s art for a long time. Really inspiring, clever, fun, and inclusive!

  43. monica pini /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:51am

    I only know, from my studies, Tommaso d’Aquino, a famous medieval philosopher, who wrote the Summa Theologiae, a very very thick book about Catholic doctrine seen from an Aristotelian perspective. So, you can understand how much I need to know this other D’Aquino (Andrea) with his enjoyable story of creativity.

  44. candace /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:52am

    beautiful ideas brought through another inspiring art form, thanks to Andrea D’Aquino’s gorgeous, playful works.

  45. Jennifer /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:52am

    What a beautiful story and the illustrations are magic! My 4 year old daughter who is always creating, would adore this book.

  46. Kari Simonsen /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:57am

    Love this artist book! This would be a great book to have to share with kids at my elementary school library where I work.

  47. Evgenia /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:05am


  48. Rebecca Potts /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:05am

    Gorgeous book and story! I’m going to need to buy one even if I win – I need one for my daughter and one for my classrooms.

  49. Martine Spencer /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:06am

    Beautiful story with engaging and charming illustrations. A timeless book that can be read and poured over again and again.

  50. Brittany Hazeldine /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:13am

    This is glorious! I’d love one for my daughter — and actually, for me!

  51. Brianne Dawson /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:16am

    Oh my goodness, I would LOVE this book for my classroom!

  52. Laura Weaver /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:18am

    How fabulous! Thanks for posting!

  53. Jenny /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:36am

    The illustrations are beautiful and the story sounds so heartwarming! I would love to share this one with my students!

  54. Evangelin Troy /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:37am

    Love, love…

  55. Cassandra Paramore /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:45am

    So beautiful

  56. Christin Erjavec /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:56am

    This makes my eyes so very, very happy!
    This will make a perfect accompaniment to my copy of Andrea D’Aquino’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ book… which is pure magic. ☆

  57. Saara Vallineva /// 08.19.2019 /// 11:43am

    What an exciting story and amazing illustrations!

  58. Lyndsey /// 08.19.2019 /// 11:49am

    This looks so beautiful!

  59. Adam /// 08.19.2019 /// 11:53am

    Must have for our little one!

  60. Kristin Annen /// 08.19.2019 /// 12:06pm

    Love Ruth Asawa and Andrea D’Aquino!!

  61. cathy /// 08.19.2019 /// 12:30pm

    This how Monday’s should unfold – A female Artist blogging and sharing about another female artist, who writes and illustrates about yet, another female artist! So much goodness.
    Thank you to all the artist involved!

  62. Flo /// 08.19.2019 /// 12:34pm

    “I think it defies gravity” – my thoughts precisely. Love the book as far as I can tell!

  63. Barb Lormans /// 08.19.2019 /// 12:43pm

    This looks beautiful and I would love to share it with my class and then keep it with my other children’s book treasures.

  64. Andrea Goodrum /// 08.19.2019 /// 12:47pm

    How fabulous, didn’t know of Ruth Asawa’s or Andrea D’Aquino’s work. Will look out for a copy of this lovely book!

  65. Karen /// 08.19.2019 /// 1:03pm

    I’d love to share this book with my granddaughter ♡

  66. Lisa Klupenger /// 08.19.2019 /// 1:12pm

    Such a beautiful book. I had the pleasure of seeing Ruth’s work last year in person and it was so captivating and beautiful! Thank you for bringing her story in such a delightful way.

  67. Meredith /// 08.19.2019 /// 1:14pm

    This is beautiful! I am always on the hunt for inspiring picture book artist biographies to read with my three young daughters. I’d love to share this with them!

  68. Wendy /// 08.19.2019 /// 1:28pm

    Ooooh, I love, love, love Andrea’s artwork and would be so excited to win this book!!!

  69. erin /// 08.19.2019 /// 1:29pm

    ahh this is lovely ! children’s books and makers are both so magical- what a dynamic duo- and love love love the colors

  70. Sheila /// 08.19.2019 /// 1:57pm

    This book looks beautiful and would be wonderful to share with my Art Fundamentals students at Sheridan who are all budding Illustrators and Animators. Hi Danielle!

  71. Michael Brown /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:04pm

    Pick me!

  72. Lindsay /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:12pm

    My little artist would love this so much!

  73. Madeline Del Plato /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:17pm

    Would love a copy of this Beautiful book for my children’s book collection!

  74. Gloria /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:20pm

    Happy Monday! <3

  75. Susan Taylor /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:23pm

    Oh I LOVE Ruth Asawa’s work. I left the SF Bay Area about a year and a half ago … I used to go to the Fine Arts Museum specifically to visit her pieces, and I miss that they are no longer easily accessible. I can’t wait to read this book!

  76. Hilda /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:50pm

    Would love this for my favorite little artist!

  77. Luanne Kreutzer /// 08.19.2019 /// 2:51pm

    I would love to be entered into the drawing. Thank you for your books, podcast and support of all artists always!

  78. Kerensa McConnell /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:06pm

    What a beautiful book- the textures are outstanding! I’d love to use it in my elementary art classes.

  79. Jude Wassell /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:06pm

    Thank you, what’s not to love about this book, this concept! Will you ship to Australia though?

  80. Emaline Maxfield /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:11pm

    What a beautiful and delightful book!! Would love to read to my little.

  81. Grace Hulse /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:16pm

    Would love to share this with my k-5 art students!

  82. Nancy Sawyer /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:17pm

    I love this artist and this book!

  83. Patricia Waugh /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:22pm

    Such a beautiful book. I make art also, and I encourage my little girl in any way possible to live a creative life, for her well-being. I love to share with her what artists do so that she sees all of the possibilities her creativity holds. Also, books are her favourite thing to make,how inspiring for her.

  84. Barbara Rottiers /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:28pm

    Dear Danielle, and then here I am… I would love to win this book for my mother! Yes. Cause next year she’ll be 70 but she has the spirit of a rebellious foal. It’s getting worse every year:) And she’s into sculpting and things. And she’s also following lessons to improve her English. So… A children’s book is perfect to excercise. Of course I’ll read it first without making stains before giving it to her, as I’m in children’s books and graphic novels as well… And then afterwards she can read it when the grandchildren go and visit their omi. So at least 4 people will benefit from it:) It would be just so cool to win something coming from America! Oldfashioned winnersluck from overseas. Above all: thanks a lot for your inspiration. Have fun and take care, Barbara (Belgium)

  85. Cheryl /// 08.19.2019 /// 3:52pm

    What a treasure. ❤️ I look forward to receiving it and adding it to my library!

  86. Laura VB /// 08.19.2019 /// 4:07pm

    It’s one of the most amazing books I’ve ever seen, it’s touched my heart.

  87. Donna /// 08.19.2019 /// 4:14pm

    Lovely book & I love your blog too & have discovered so much wonderful art through it

  88. Joann Foltz /// 08.19.2019 /// 4:41pm

    What a wonderful book!

  89. Julie /// 08.19.2019 /// 5:07pm

    This is a stunning book! I would be honored to use it in my public school visual arts classes. Thank you!!

  90. Mariane /// 08.19.2019 /// 5:07pm

    I Would love to have this book!!!!

  91. sherry /// 08.19.2019 /// 5:26pm

    OMG… I LOVE her work. I saw the show this past year in STL and was in awe. I would so love this book to share with my elementary students in our TAB classroom. Thanks for bringing this book to light. It’s the first I had heard of it. It makes my creative and my teacher heart so happy.

  92. Jocelyne /// 08.19.2019 /// 5:45pm

    It’s beautiful! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  93. Evie /// 08.19.2019 /// 5:50pm

    This book is such a beauty! Thanks for the extra glimpses. I’ve had my eye on it. Those textures and mixed-media never get boring, I’m always left wanting to see more. Artists supporting artists, what’s not to love.

  94. Heather Bartlett /// 08.19.2019 /// 6:04pm

    I would love to share this with many young people. It is gorgeous. I also think I would share it at the senior’s home. When my grandfather had Alzheimer’s, the veteran’s home did art classes with the residents and played classical music. I still have a piece of art he created and the classes brought them great joy. There was a deep appreciation for beauty in art.

  95. Artalachia /// 08.19.2019 /// 6:06pm

    Art teacher here. I’d love this for our classroom collection!!!

  96. David /// 08.19.2019 /// 7:35pm

    Such beautiful images and words, celebrating the work of a wonderful artist. One way or another, I will read this book!

  97. Meghan O /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:20pm

    The first time I came across one of Ruth’s pieces in person was by surprise at the SFMOMA. I nearly cried! Love her work so, so much. This looks like a stunning book to add to my kids’ art education!

  98. Becca /// 08.19.2019 /// 8:32pm

    Thanks for sharing!

  99. Karena /// 08.19.2019 /// 9:32pm

    Looks beautiful and inspiring ( for any age)

  100. Janelle Perkins /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:18pm

    I have the softest of spots in my heart for beautiful books. This one fits the bill perfectly. ❤️

  101. Elissa S Nesheim /// 08.19.2019 /// 10:18pm

    This book looks amazing!! I cannot wait to see and read it. So much love… xxoo e

  102. Rachelle Wood /// 08.20.2019 /// 12:10am

    oh.. I love this book!

  103. HEATHER SINCLAIR /// 08.20.2019 /// 12:16am

    I would love to read this book to my little boy who just started school this month. He loves to draw and wants to start sculpting with wire, as we saw a street artist who made animals and insects…I adore andrea’s illustrations as well

  104. Laura Martin /// 08.20.2019 /// 12:35am

    I love this book! So beautiful and inspiring!

  105. Caterina Mendolicchio /// 08.20.2019 /// 12:37am

    I know the guy and I’d love to own an English edition in my library

  106. Katharina /// 08.20.2019 /// 1:08am

    This book looks amazing. All the best from Berlin!

  107. Bec /// 08.20.2019 /// 2:28am

    Oh my oh my … so beautiful!!

  108. Kim Showers /// 08.20.2019 /// 2:51am

    Would love to add this to our family’s collection…my children love art!

  109. Kate /// 08.20.2019 /// 3:11am

    Beautiful!!! ✨ Would love to add to our children’s book library!

  110. Sarah L /// 08.20.2019 /// 4:03am

    GASP! Oh my! Our whole family would love and treasure this. It reminds me of how we spend our weekends. So beautiful, well done.

  111. Nancy /// 08.20.2019 /// 4:41am

    Would love to have this book. Thanks for the chance.

  112. Anna /// 08.20.2019 /// 5:06am

    Wow, I love Ruth Asawa, and this book looks so gorgeous!

  113. Sara /// 08.20.2019 /// 5:32am

    What a beautiful looking book! Thank you for sharing.

  114. Amelie Collyer /// 08.20.2019 /// 5:49am

    I would love to win a copy to pop into my free library in my new community art studio opening in September!

  115. Pantoufle /// 08.20.2019 /// 6:11am

    I try my chance, even if luck is with me those times… Let’s keep hope alive ! ANd thanks for the game.

  116. Juanita /// 08.20.2019 /// 7:28am

    Lovely charming story being told. Would love to have this piece of art highlighting another artist 😉

  117. Elizabeth Dunkelberger /// 08.20.2019 /// 7:37am

    I am always awestruck by the artists you share. Once again, I am in love with the work of Andrea D’Aguino as well as a big admirer of Ruth Asawa. With the school year about to get underway, the inspiration for my students is in keeping with the lessons I work hard to teach. During making we learn about ourselves as much as the objects or subjects at hand. The tie into nature is delightful and the lessons to embrace, persist, and persevere through challenges- all so awesome! Again, my thanks.

  118. Kristina /// 08.20.2019 /// 8:09am

    I would like this book for my daughter!

  119. Bes /// 08.20.2019 /// 8:47am

    If I don’t win it, I will buy it! Beautiful…

  120. Dawn L /// 08.20.2019 /// 9:14am

    Yes! Oh, those illustrations by D’Aguino. I’d love to see Ruth Asawa’s work in person.

  121. Francie S. /// 08.20.2019 /// 11:03am

    Ooh I love this book. A mini documentary. All great artists should have one. Beautiful

  122. Julie Liger-Belair /// 08.20.2019 /// 11:07am

    Oh wow! I’ve had my eye on this book and can’t wait for it to come out! Friday’s my birthday, so maybe I’ll be lucky and win that copy

  123. Kirsten Ator /// 08.20.2019 /// 1:16pm

    Yes please! Would use with elementary students I teach in the art studio!

  124. Mary Southall /// 08.20.2019 /// 2:16pm

    I would love a copy of this beautiful book for my daughter who attended Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco and is now majoring in Fine Art at UCLA. Like Ruth she has always created art since an early age. We both love her work and I know she would be delighted and inspired to add this book to her library.

  125. Lauri B /// 08.20.2019 /// 3:10pm

    I had never heard of Ruth Asawa until a month ago when she her art was inspiration for a project in Este Macleod’s Explore Shapes class. Now I’m obsessed. And a fan of Andrea Aquino too so I would love a copy of this book.

  126. Cathy K /// 08.20.2019 /// 4:38pm


  127. Elizabeth A Lauer /// 08.20.2019 /// 6:43pm

    Looks like a book full of beauty! Would love to read this to my students and look into Ruth’s time at Black Mountain College!

  128. Cara D /// 08.20.2019 /// 8:52pm

    It looks great!

  129. Wanniwanni /// 08.20.2019 /// 10:53pm


  130. Kim /// 08.21.2019 /// 1:46am

    What a lovely book!

  131. Emily E /// 08.21.2019 /// 5:36am

    This looks amazing! Would love a chance to win

  132. Christina Panczyk /// 08.21.2019 /// 5:54am

    This summer I enrolled in an online collage class. I really love cutting out paper and moving the pieces around. I discovered Andrea and even ordered her book “Once Upon A Piece of Paper: A Visual Guide to Collage Making”. I love her work! This book looks wonderful.

  133. trina /// 08.21.2019 /// 9:09am

    The perfect children’s book, combining education art and craft into one package. I really love the collage and sketch combination in the illustrations. I wish this had been around when I was younger!

  134. Anne Barlow /// 08.21.2019 /// 1:35pm

    I feel as though her wise hands are transforming the gray matter of my brain…

  135. Cal /// 08.21.2019 /// 1:47pm

    Wow, this is like the ultimate combo! All the more so because I will now always associate it with you.

  136. Melissa Hentges /// 08.21.2019 /// 2:24pm

    There are three ethereally beautiful Ruth Azawa pieces at the wonderful Glenstone Museum in Potomac, MD. I visit them regularly and they speak peace, balance, and mystery all at the same time. This book looks wonderful. It reminds me of a book on Paul Klee for children which my brother received one Christmas at least 50 years ago, which I still have, and which still inspires me. Thanks, Danielle, for featuring this book.

  137. Stephanie D Cain /// 08.21.2019 /// 8:00pm

    This book looks inspiring!

  138. Ellen Sørensen /// 08.22.2019 /// 12:19am

    This story traverses so many many borders and barriers.
    I love this multi-dimensional story and its many layers (in all senses of the word).

    I want to shout – THIS IS ME!! As I’m sure many of us will.
    Stories like this one remind me I am not alone.

  139. Il sung /// 08.22.2019 /// 11:25am

    I have been a fan of Andrea D’aquino since i read his Alice book. This is equally gorgeous or better. I appreciate the works and power of illustration! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  140. Kelli Perrault /// 08.22.2019 /// 12:10pm

    Love this book, and my girls would, too!

  141. Anna /// 08.22.2019 /// 4:06pm

    Love her work! Thank you for posting about this book.

  142. Cheryl /// 08.22.2019 /// 9:39pm

    All things made by hands are the best!

  143. Billie /// 08.24.2019 /// 1:09pm

    Very inspirational and teaches us to always be inspired by nature around us and persist with your creative passions. Thank you for sharing this wonderful find!

  144. Christy L Miller /// 08.25.2019 /// 7:32pm

    Let the beauty we love be what we do… Rumi.
    Oh, how lovely it would be to own this book. A rare gem! 🙂