david stenbeck

OH. Yes, that was exactly my thought, too.

Um, is this real?! Well, depending on the dimension you inhabit, I suppose. I certainly wish I could live in a world filled with fluffy pink clouds surrounded by bands ‘n dots of neon light floating in perfect blue skies. This is the digital work of Swedish artist David Stenbeck, aka @dovneon on Instagram. The second I saw scroll by in my ‘ordinary world’ feed, I knew this was a place I wanted in on.

psst… Burning Man 2019 kicked off yesterday, so writing about a neon hula-hoop, hugging a pink cloud of smoke, floating in the desert just felt right, ya know.

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  1. Ignacio /// 08.27.2019 /// 11:02am

    Las imágenes me provocan asombro, perplejidad, miedo. Una sensación cercana y comparable a la un sueño lucido, de significado oculto, una voz que te susurra en un idioma que no reconoces

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