joerg dressler

Crisp geometrics and organic subject matter living harmoniously in the work {acrylic on canvas} of German-born, US based artist Joerg Dressler. Sigh. Those canvas shapes, his palette choices, beautifully balanced compositions… I could not love these more. Now, while I oooh and aaaah over all of that, you can read an excerpt from his artist statement which gets to the root of what he does:

“While remaining uniquely his own visual communication, the vocabulary for his work is drawn from a cross-section of art history: Romanticism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, graphic design and photography. ‘Joerg evokes sublime depictions of our confrontation with nature, especially the contrary effects of nature on the human psyche,’ writes Christopher Busa in Provincetown Arts. ‘He places tranquility side by side with violence, light clashing with the dark, fragility beside boldness—surprising forces seemingly summoned on a whim, with involuntary energy.’ Recurring themes in Joerg’s work include the passage of time, impermanence, frailty, and perception.”

Yes! Romanticism and pop art… of course that’s the love affair behind these paintings!

{Found via Artists Only}

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  1. Lannie Hart /// 09.07.2019 /// 7:35am

    These paintings are beautiful and dramatic yet evoke the uncertainty of human destruction on nature.

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.07.2019 /// 2:10pm

    that’s a beautiful description.