sarah c. ferguson

Large-scale acrylic paintings. PAINTINGS. Okay, there is no way I possess this kind of patience, but thankfully Austin based painter Sarah C. Ferguson does. Here is part of her beautiful artist statement that explains her love of both color and geometric perfection:

“… Color exploration is pure freedom for me. To follow any particular system would create barriers within my process, and I would lose interest. I remain utterly in awe of the power of color, and I admire those who pursue its study formally.

Geometric shapes are equally influential in my work, but they serve as a psychological opposite. While my exploration of color invites freedom, geometry invites control. The two components balance one another perfectly, harmonizing my creative process. I have a methodic ritual that I follow each and every time. While my process is regimented and seemingly straightforward, the end result of each painting is always a bit different than expected.

In a poetic sense, my artistic process is reflective of life’s pattern, an invitation to both the sublime and the applied.”

Poetic, indeed. As you can see from the first image above {aka proof that these are actually paintings}, Sarah has a show, titled “Cynosures”, at Wally Workman Gallery in Austin Texas until September 29th, 2019.

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  1. Ana /// 09.17.2019 /// 6:53am

    Ugh. This is perfect.

    I want so many of them hanging in my home.

    (And to first have an apartment worthy of them hanging in it.)

  2. Pat Cooper /// 09.21.2019 /// 6:49pm

    Love this, taking Rothko to a new level,going to try it with fabric.