michael gromm

“…a balancing act of both planned and un-planned”… yes, yes, YES! Oh my word, I love these so much. These explosions of color are the large-scale work of Australian artist Michael Gromm. I can’t decide if they make me want a whole bunch of fruit-flavored candy, or zillions of new paintbrushes! Okay, fine… I want both. Happy Friday.

{Install image – to show scale – from Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne}

comments (3)

  1. Nikki Kennedy /// 09.22.2019 /// 10:12am

    I love the fluidity, they make me feel like dancing.
    When will you continue the podcast?

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.22.2019 /// 10:08pm

    it’s starting again in october 🙂

  3. clarisse lane /// 09.25.2019 /// 4:35pm

    These are lovely! the motion o the colors and how they work with the lines feel lively and full of energy.