juliette sallin

Sigh. This is the dreamy mixed media sculpture of Swiss artist Juliette Sallin. Her work – the colors, those textures, the delicate elegance of it all – are absolutely poetic on their own, but then you add her artist statement:

“I am a visual artist who has always been fascinated by the way we perceive and remember the landscape through our senses. I translate this interest into sculptures made of paper, but also of silk, brass and other materials. I select them for their ability to transcribe the beauty of the elements with their shapes and colors of course, but also for their tactile qualities, and sometimes even how they sound when you touch them.

Enlightened by my own experiences of Nature, by the non-dualistic oriental philosophies (Shivaism, Taoism), the phenomenological philosophy of Merleau-Ponty, and the environmental writings of David Abram, I perceive our inner plenitude as a communion with Nature and the elements. This feeling could be reached when we open ourselves to our sensations, and let our perceptions wrap us.

During the process, I borrow various crafts’ techniques, such as embroidery, silk dyeing, paper decoupage and metal forming. By assimilating these gestures in my artistic practice, I get closer to a form of humbleness and sincerity, where patience and mastery of the mind help me to get closer to my subject and to recreate, in a subjective way, the sensations I experienced in a brief moment of fullness.

My work can be considered as part of the Slow Art movement, and offers a reflection about Time; a very fleeting one, perceived while being in communion with Nature, and another one, longer and precise, during the creation of the artwork.”

Aaaaaaand exhale. Happy Friday.

{via Create Magazine}

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  1. Sanj /// 09.27.2019 /// 1:25pm

    Was wondering if the words she was looking for were Eastern in place of Oriental and Shaivism instead of Shivaism. Oriental is a tricky faux ami that has very different connotations in English. And if Shaivism (yes, it is the worship of Shiva but that’s how it’s spelt) is a big influence, figured that she might want to know that she had made a typo. And right after a pretty culturally insensitive sentence.

  2. Brandi /// 09.28.2019 /// 4:58am

    This work actually made me cry. And for the first time in a long time I REALLY related to the “jealous” half of your moniker 🙂 Incredible work.

  3. Juliette /// 09.29.2019 /// 3:07am

    Hi Sanj,
    It wasn’t a typo, but I guess some terms must have been lost in translation from French to English. Hope it didn’t stop you from considering my work.

  4. Juliette /// 09.29.2019 /// 3:09am

    Thank you so much Brandi for your lovely comment. I’m so glad you connected with my work 🙂