“optimistic as f*ck” : AFYE ep.152

How’s that for a way to kick off the new season of the podcast? Yes, after an almost year long personal hiatus, ART FOR YOUR EAR is back! I’m shaking things up a little, and instead of interviewing artists about their personal journeys – from childhood till present – I’ve recruited a group of creative experts to be my co-hosts! We’ll be digging deep into the nitty gritty of being Artists {with a capital A} covering a huge range of topics from self-doubt to business plans. We’ll also laugh a lot. Speaking of which, my first co-host is the always hilarious and fabulous Ashley Longshore. Ashley requested we kick this season off by getting real. As she said, “it ain’t all sunshine and roses… but it’s about getting up and getting stuff done when it’s raining.” There were also a few fishing analogies in there too, but we’ll get to those! You can listen right up there under those pink jeans, or subscribe on iTunes.

Here’s a rundown of everything you heard about on this episode… paintings, Instagram posts, and links. Let’s start with Ashley making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers:

Yep, that’s Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, beside her too. Okay, I know she didn’t make a big deal of this on the episode, but as a daily viewer of Seth’s show… yeah, this blew my mind. An artist on late night TV. Hell, YES! Moving on. DVF NYC:

Ah, this is such a fantastic project! Ashley has now painted 49 powerful women in collaboration with fashion design icon Diane Von Furstenberg… and I have a feeling there will be more coming. There’s just too many extraordinary women to celebrate! {Mmhm.. that’s Ashley hanging out with Gloria Steinem, Diane, and Chouchou Namagabe, an outspoken Congolese radio journalist and co-founder of the South Kivu Women’s Media Association.}

How does Ashley make all of this stuff happen? She works really, really hard… see:

Ha! Had to throw that last one in given the theme of her most recent watercolor sketchbook. If you follow her on Instagram {you do, right!?}, you’ll notice that Ashley is never not working. Most of the time she’s painting, but when she’s not actually at the easel, she’s emailing, promoting, going to meetings, or traveling. In fact, sometimes she’s traveling to New York to be the official artist-in-residence for Fashion Week. WHAT?

YASSS! Ashley was painting as models walked the runway at Christian Siriano‘s show… art and fashion, literally hand in hand.

Up next… Warren Buffet, Oprah and Rihanna:

Yep. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with gettin’ paid.

Oooh, Ashley’s NEW art book – I DO NOT COOK, I DO NOT CLEAN, I DO NOT FLY COMMERCIAL. Did we even talk about this?

I’m not sure we even got to this, but I did ask Ashley to mail me a signed copy… which I’m going to GIVE TO ONE OF YOU! It is big, beautiful, hilarious, and filled cover-to-cover with Ashley’s gorgeous work. Just leave a comment below, and I’ll draw one name and announce the winner on next week’s podcast. And with that, I’ll say thank you Ashley for her hilarious, joy-filled, honest conversation; huge thanks to THRIVE for raising their hand to help support ART FOR YOUR EAR; and of course, thank you for listening ~ Danielle

ps. This is Che Che:

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  1. Erica Murray /// 10.05.2019 /// 4:49am

    I do not have a website, but I used to design them.

  2. Jill Bahm /// 10.05.2019 /// 5:23am

    Best.Saturday.Morning.Email.Ever. Not only do I see that your podcast is back (YAY!!! I’ve missed you!), I learn about Ashley (where have I been?) – what vibrant and inspiring images!! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

  3. Kweei Seifried /// 10.05.2019 /// 6:52am

    Congrats on the podcasr!

  4. Bushra /// 10.05.2019 /// 8:10am

    I woke up early on Saturday to go to studio & listen to this while I worked 🙂 So glad you’re back!!!

  5. the jealous curator /// 10.05.2019 /// 8:20am

    YAY!!!! thank you everyone xoxox

  6. Darlene /// 10.05.2019 /// 9:44am

    What an inspiring artist!

  7. John-Michael Byrd /// 10.05.2019 /// 10:43am

    I love you two so much!!!! I’m so glad you are back. I actually got teary when you started talking. I am smiling and working in my studio this morning. xoxo JMB

  8. Hilda /// 10.05.2019 /// 11:14am

    So happy that the podcast is back, Danielle, and love the idea of the Magnificent Nine. Here’s to all the good things in store for us all!

  9. Bradford /// 10.05.2019 /// 11:24am

    OMG, OMG, OMG! THE PODCAST IS BAAAAAACK!!! [insert cheerleader kicks here] And, I mean with Ashley to start?! Damn, gurl! STRONG! I just went to art church and now I’m singing “Hallelujah!” xoxo B

  10. Bea /// 10.05.2019 /// 11:26am

    This is so exciting!

  11. Kristen /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:20pm

    holy moly!! she is my lil’wayne loving spirit animal!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Christeen /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:29pm

    Loveeeeeee Ashley Longshore and this podcast was so great! I already have one of your books so would love one of hers as well!

  13. Isabella /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:30pm

    Love Ashley’s work! My best friend and I went to her exhibit at bergdorfs in NYC.

  14. Katrina /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:31pm

    Love! Such beautiful, vibrant art!

  15. Sophia /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:40pm

    I love her! Glad you are back and so glad she was on here!

  16. Morgan Gesell /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:41pm

    I’m so happy the podcast is back and I LOVE the new format!

  17. Leila Simon Hayes /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:43pm

    Such a fucking good episode, thank you. I’ve missed you in my ears and love what you’re up to this season.

  18. Nicole Tobin /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:47pm

    I am gonna listen to the episode as soon as the little ones go to sleep. So excited!

  19. Michele /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:50pm

    Yeah!!! And if I win I think you both should fly first-class and deliver it to me in Paris. Xo

  20. Allison Behan /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:53pm

    I love Ashley!!! Xoxo

  21. Pamela Plunkett /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:55pm

    Loving your podcast so much!

  22. Lee Ann Emery /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:56pm

    I’m so glad you’re back and with such a great episode! Wow

  23. Cristina P Garcia /// 10.05.2019 /// 12:58pm

    This website was my gateway back into art after losing time while in grad school, and Ashley Longshore was my first modern pop art love!!!!! Great episode – crossing my fingers for the rad book

  24. Sára Molčan /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:07pm

    I’m so glad the podcast is back and I couldn’t ask for a better first cohost. I love you and I love Ashley – so this is fantastic. I’m really excited for this season of your podcast

  25. Shannon Sigler /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:10pm

    Woooooo! I love your podcast. And I love Ashley. Thanks for being witty, discerning, and fabulous.

  26. Rachel Rose /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:12pm

    Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy that you’re back with the podcast, can’t wait to get it on! Loved the first Ashley one so really looking forward to hearing her again You have no idea how inspiring you, and all the artists you’ve featured have been to me, I thank you for helping me find my way back to art school!

  27. Lynne Brodhead Clark /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:13pm

    Welcome back sista! You were missed!

  28. Blake Blackmon /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:14pm

    Obsessed with this!!!

  29. Lina Mullins /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:18pm

    I totally missed you and your podcast and I am sooooo glad that you’re back. Love the new format Danielle. You never cease to amaze me!!! You are my inspiration ❤️

  30. Madeline Henry /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:27pm

    Love your podcast and Ashley’s paintings are inspirational!

  31. Bethany /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:35pm

    Loved the first podcast with you and ALS and can’t wait for this one too. Thank you for sharing the art world with all of us ❤❤❤❤❤

  32. Emőke /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:37pm

    I just started bing listening your podcast and to find out that more is coming totally made my day!

  33. Jude Hamilton /// 10.05.2019 /// 1:44pm

    I LOVE this so much! Super episode featuring an inspiring artist. Thank you, too, for your amazing art and your awesome attitude.

  34. Lisa McConnell /// 10.05.2019 /// 2:00pm

    Ashley is a pioneer in so many ways and her energy is infectious! She has the best attitude. I love your podcasts and so glad you are back!

  35. Alanna Morley /// 10.05.2019 /// 2:00pm

    I’m so happy you’re back!! Love listening to your podcast <3

  36. Danielle /// 10.05.2019 /// 2:21pm

    YAY!!!! You made my week or maybe my month – a new season of Art For Your Ear AND Ashley Longshore – WHAT?!?!! Two of my favs in one. YAAAAAS! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have really missed listening to you as I work in the studio – it was a productive day. You both really inspire.

  37. Laurianne Houtman /// 10.05.2019 /// 2:24pm

    So happy you’re back with the podcast! I really missed it.
    And also a good first one too =D

    thanks so much!!

  38. Shawna Gilmore /// 10.05.2019 /// 2:31pm

    You are forced to be reckoned with! Thanks for sharing your work with us! And the podcast was awesome!!

  39. Haley Winston /// 10.05.2019 /// 2:44pm

    Love! Love! Love! Thank you for sharing!

  40. Jen /// 10.05.2019 /// 3:03pm

    So glad you’re back!

  41. Carrie Brummer /// 10.05.2019 /// 3:28pm

    I’m so happy you (1) took the time you needed for you and (2) that we now get to hear you and your humor and the wonderful wisdom of the people you are chatting up. Thank you for starting with Ashley – she brightens my daily life with her work and attitude! And welcome back! 🙂

  42. Christa Lautner /// 10.05.2019 /// 4:11pm

    I love everything about this, from her art to how damn hard Longshore hustles! I can’t believe I didn’t know about her before. This podcast/site/IG is the best thing I have ever discovered for my art career. Thank you for showcasing such amazing artists!

  43. Anonymous Pineapple /// 10.05.2019 /// 4:35pm

    this is so cool. I love your daily showcasing of artists and the educational content of your podcast. It is enlightening. In Ashley’s unapologetic spirit: I would love a copy of her book! Thanks!

  44. Joann Foltz /// 10.05.2019 /// 5:37pm

    What a great way to turn it on again! Keep on keepin’ on!

  45. Erika /// 10.05.2019 /// 5:49pm

    She is so funny on Instagram!! I’m happy for her!

  46. Erin Dixon /// 10.05.2019 /// 5:58pm

    So glad art for your ear is back!! And what a perfect back to it co-host!! Love Ashley’s art and her attitude! Thank you Danielle!!

  47. Courtney Vandenham /// 10.05.2019 /// 6:37pm

    I am obsessed with you (closing in on stockerish territory sorry) and obsessed with Ashley! So excited the podcast is back in business and would so love this book. Thank you Danielle!

  48. Emily Goldsmith /// 10.05.2019 /// 6:58pm

    I love this hustle and art as always enlightened and educated by the podcast

  49. Sarah Clevenger /// 10.05.2019 /// 7:02pm

    First off, I’m sooooo glad the podcast is back and I love the new format. Secondly, congrats on your children’s book (and everything else) and thirdly, I first learned about Ashley Longshore on your podcast waaaaay back in the day, and I just want to stay thank you to both of you for being so bad ass and paving the wave for female artists. Y’all are inspiring.

  50. kelly Hoffman /// 10.05.2019 /// 7:19pm

    So glad to see you are back but then so totally disappointed with this episode.

  51. Alissa Sexton /// 10.05.2019 /// 8:32pm

    I saw the DVF show in NY and it knocked me over! I love learning more about Ashley! Also very desperate to get a copy of that book 🙂

  52. Traci Thayne /// 10.05.2019 /// 8:51pm

    You two are creative powerhouses! I love listening to your conversations, fun and inspiring :)!

  53. Nel /// 10.05.2019 /// 9:07pm

    I’m so excited to go listen to this podcast. I’m so glad your podcast is back and I bet this new format is awesome.
    Thank you for introducing me to so much amazing art and artists!

  54. Barbara Johansen Newman /// 10.05.2019 /// 9:17pm

    What a great way to get back into your groove! I missed the podcast so much and I’m thrilled you’re back. And Ashley totally rocks my boat with her energy and her tough chick honesty. Can’t wait to hear more from you and more about her art collection, too!

  55. Andrea /// 10.05.2019 /// 9:19pm

    I loved this episode so much, I always found Ashley inspiring, but I will have to relisten to it. So much value in it

  56. Gabrielle /// 10.05.2019 /// 9:23pm

    Welcome back! This was a great episode and you have no idea, but it was just the exact podcast I needed today! Thank you both!! <3

  57. Gabrielle /// 10.05.2019 /// 9:24pm

    Welcome back! This was a great episode and you have no idea, but it was just the exact podcast I needed today! Thank you! <3

  58. Jennifer schad /// 10.05.2019 /// 10:18pm

    Love the podcast. Will check out the Ashley Longshore book.

  59. Bree Smith /// 10.05.2019 /// 11:16pm

    I’m so glad you’re back Danielle! Love the new podcast format and the first episode!!! Cheers to many more!

  60. Annie /// 10.06.2019 /// 4:50am

    Oh goodness, I love this! I love her! I love you!!

  61. Adrienne /// 10.06.2019 /// 5:09am

    I was so happy to see a new podcast episode in my feed last night. Great interview; it was just what I needed. So glad you’re back.

  62. Kelly Radcliffe /// 10.06.2019 /// 6:42am

    So excited for your podcasts again! I would love her book!

  63. Heidi /// 10.06.2019 /// 9:05am

    This is all so so exciting!! And the podcast is back too??? Yay and thank you for everything you do

  64. LadyZ /// 10.06.2019 /// 9:26am

    I love what you are doing for women and women artists, DK! Thanks for your work!

  65. Katie Bradford Osborne /// 10.06.2019 /// 12:59pm

    SO EXCITED for more Art For Your Ear! And I love that Ashley is back! I can’t wait to listen! I love what both of you are doing in the art world! ❤️

  66. Katie Jean /// 10.06.2019 /// 2:19pm

    I love Ashley! I am trying for more MUCHNESS and she is ever inspiring

  67. Rebecca Brown /// 10.06.2019 /// 2:57pm

    Love your podcast and love Ashley! You’re both so amazing.

  68. Heather Yip /// 10.06.2019 /// 4:05pm

    You are so goddamn generous! so happy the podcast it back. Cheers!!

  69. Wendy /// 10.06.2019 /// 4:59pm

    Glad your podcast is back. I’ve missed the way you interact with your guests. & Ashley is so fierce.

  70. Natalie /// 10.06.2019 /// 5:46pm

    I am so pumped for this giveaway!

  71. aubrey a cece /// 10.06.2019 /// 7:42pm

    She looks like a lot of fun!! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast

  72. Jenny Kiehn /// 10.06.2019 /// 8:52pm

    I loved this episode! I love the new format and the approach of dealing with the nitty gritty. That’s what I really want to hear about! Thank you for providing so much inspiration!

  73. Alexander Jones /// 10.07.2019 /// 2:52am

    Was so excited when I was scrolling through my podcasts and the new episode was there. Such a delightful surprise. Loved the new format and what was talked about.

  74. Rossana Taormina /// 10.07.2019 /// 5:07am

    Here I am!
    Greetings from Sicily

  75. Brittany Campbell /// 10.07.2019 /// 6:04am

    I’m so excited that you’re back!! I love laughing with you and listening to all of the amazing conversations on my way to and from work. Thanks so much, Danielle! xoxo

  76. Kaylee Dalton /// 10.07.2019 /// 8:09am

    I bitched a lot to my husband for the greater part of last week that I should probably ‘quit making art’ BUT this episode perked me up and gave me a boost. Thanks for keeping it REAL!

  77. Chloe /// 10.07.2019 /// 9:35am

    My absolute favorite podcast!! You AND Ashley are such big inspirations for me. Thank you.

  78. Cheryl /// 10.07.2019 /// 12:30pm

    Welcome back!!! I am delighted and looking forward to winning the book!! Best news so far today.

  79. Janet /// 10.07.2019 /// 5:35pm

    So glad the podcast is back and has evolved. Longshore is who I want to be. Optimistic and working like there is no tomorrow. Find the joy in the process. F()<% IT!!!

  80. Claire /// 10.08.2019 /// 5:34am

    So happy your back

  81. Marc Cardwell /// 10.08.2019 /// 7:49am

    i’m happy you’re back. every podcast you’ve had has been inspirational to me.

  82. Marc Cardwell /// 10.08.2019 /// 9:39am

    ”political dildos” is my band name.

  83. Hazel /// 10.08.2019 /// 10:33am

    Saturday morning was greeted with a “HOORAY!” as the new episode was downloaded & listened to first thing… What a happy, cheerleading, kick-in-the-ass, hallelujah conversation! Thank you both!

  84. Rebecca /// 10.08.2019 /// 1:13pm

    Welcome back and thank you!!! I too missed your insights and interviews, as well as thrilled and reignited by Ashley’s presence as your co-host. I came to the site today to look for any show notes regarding your new addition of an assignment, but now I am also rooting for a book;). Anyhow, thanks again for putting your efforts out there for us all, and since I cannot seem to locate any assignment info, I think I’ll just go listen again (oh darn, gonna have to get pumped up for a second time;).

  85. the jealous curator /// 10.08.2019 /// 3:44pm

    HAHA! the assignment is at the very end … skip to the last 5 minutes : )

  86. Nanna /// 10.08.2019 /// 11:46pm

    Sooo glad to hear that intro-tune again. And what a Firewire to start up with Ashley

  87. Hannah /// 10.09.2019 /// 12:38pm

    sooooooo happy the podcast is back! Ashley’s episode is one of my all-time favorites, and now I get TWO to listen to on repeat! *heart eye emoji*

  88. Katie /// 10.09.2019 /// 2:52pm

    I’m so happy the podcast is back. Yay!!

  89. Alexis /// 10.09.2019 /// 3:12pm

    Great episode!! Glad these are back!

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    This episode was FABULOUS!!! I’m going to listen again and again. Can’t wait to hear more WWALD!!

  91. Jenny /// 11.03.2019 /// 8:40am

    SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! I’ve missed you!

  92. the jealous curator /// 11.04.2019 /// 6:33am

    oh, thanks! (me too!)

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