samantha french & aaron hauck

Not that you need a reminder, as I’m sure you’ll recognize the dreamy work of New York based painter Samantha French, but yes these paintings are what she’s become famous for. I’ve loved Sam’s work for years – the water, the stripes, and the scale. Well, recently she’s taken SCALE to a whole new, kinda crazy, level. She and her long time partner {in life and love}, fellow painter Aaron Hauck have taken Sam’s pools outside. You know what they say… a couple that murals together, stays together:

What the? How? Oh my. Whoa. Good job, you two!  And look, they’re still together … exhausted, I’m sure… but still together ; )

{Mural 1: Kingston, NY / Mural 2: Benelux Restaurant, Brooklyn / Mural 3: The SoNo Collection, Connecticut}

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  1. Sarah! /// 10.08.2019 /// 8:51am

    Great 🙂

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