túlio pinto

Blown glass and steel. What? This is the jaw-dropping work of Brazilian artist Túlio Pinto. I can’t find any information on why he does what he does, but I can tell you that my breath has been taken away by what he does. Oh my word.

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  1. Bradford /// 10.18.2019 /// 6:14am

    Wow! The visceral sense of tension these pieces evoke is incredible. Mind. Blown.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.18.2019 /// 6:31am

    i thought exactly the same thing… the glass is blown, as is my mind 😉

  3. Alexandre /// 10.24.2019 /// 10:53am

    More info.. In portuguese..

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.24.2019 /// 10:50pm


  5. KhIUyqXCeJmS /// 11.11.2019 /// 8:14am