marc etherington

What helps me deal with Monday morning? How ’bout a post that starts with “Guy Fieri Riding a Cheetah”, and ends with “Steven Seagal Strangling a Panda”. YES. This is the weird and hilarious work of Australian artist Marc Etherington, aka @hugeskull on Instagram. He paints on canvas too*, but his acrylic on cut plywood pieces are THE BEST. Magnum PI and Cameron Poe (aka Nicolas Cage in Con Air, circa 1997), plus a smoking squirrel?! Yeah, Monday’s gonna be alright.

* Here’s a peek at Marc’s wall at Sydney Contemporary, via Michael Reid Gallery, in September. So good (love that blue, snow-covered wall!)

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  1. Marissa /// 11.04.2019 /// 10:51am

    “I got you a bunny.” Cameron Poe. This is all so great.