montserrat duran muntadas

Gasp! This is the incredibly beautiful, deeply personal work of Catalan-born Montreal-based artist Montserrat Duran Muntadas. She uses delicate blown glass and boldly patterned fabrics to tell her story:

It all started with change; an inner transformation. At the age of 13, the artist was diagnosed with a uterine malformation that endangered her fertility, as well as her potential  of living as a normal woman. But what is a ”normal” woman these days?  That is the underlying question that the artist ponders with this work, in an era where illness or anomaly is a shared condition, through its infinite trajectories, that can  represent normalcy.

To accept and describe the anomaly, to show its beauty, to create from the inability of procreating, that was the challenge encountered while assembling the blown glass pieces of this intimate yet public installation.  The outcome resulted with deformed pieces that seem ornamental, where the inner space notions and the visceral art became literal.

The pieces presented are themselves a sign of an artistic change, uniting glass and padded textile, which by  their play with transparency and textures, reciprocally transform themselves.

So vulnerable, and incredibly powerful.  ps. I’ve included a few photos so you can understand the scale of Monterrat’s work:

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