lisa wright

Wait. What? Sculptures? This is the reaction you have when one of your favorite painters lifts her surreal figures off of the canvas and onto, well, logs! Oh my word, this is the latest work of UK based artist Lisa Wright and I am completely smitten… late, but smitten. This show, titled “Infinite Forest”, was at Coates & Scarry in London and came down about a month ago. How did I miss this? I have no idea, but as far as a post gushing about this new development in her already fabulous repertoire, better late than never!

comments (2)

  1. Lisa Wright /// 12.03.2019 /// 8:52am

    I am always very grateful for a ‘gushing’ response …. Thanks SO much Danielle….I’m pleased that you like the developments into 3D! It’s been challenging making the shift but I’m so thrilled with the results. The sculptures look quite magnificent installed in the structures that have been designed by Tom Piper in Thetford forest.

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.03.2019 /// 4:19pm

    i’m in awe, lisa (again)

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