jeremy miranda

Hm, I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of writing about the work of American painter Jeremy Miranda… NOPE! I’ve written about him several times, and as long as he doesn’t stop, neither will I. Here are Jeremy’s words about his work:

“In my recent work I am interested in creating complex environments that are a hybridization of both interior and exterior spaces. I am influenced by memory, history, domesticity, architecture, landscape and how, when co-mingled, can generate new spacial relationships. I draw from a cache of collected photographs, sketches, plein air studies and memory, and employ an unplanned, intuitive painting process in an attempt to channel an ambiguous spacial narrative.”

{Some of his paintings can be found via Dianna Witte Gallery in Toronto}

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  1. PKeenon /// 12.17.2019 /// 5:01am

    Love at first sight. I adore his work. pk

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