katinka lampe

Gasp! These breathtaking portraits are the work of Netherlands based artist Katinka Lampe. I’ve written about her gorgeous paintings before… in 2010. Um, how did I let almost an entire decade go by before writing a second post? Trust me, I will not let that happen again! Here is the description of her work from Katinka’s site:

“Katinka Lampe¬†paints portraits. Or at least, you can clearly recognise the representation of a person. Yet, this is not the main motive of the painting. The portrait merely serves as reason to make the painting. The portrait is the imagery concept.¬†Her paintings greatly appeal to the beholders. Conscientiously and with a great sense for beauty she portrays her models, who are generally quite young. The resulting portrait is not an exact copy of reality, but instead a visual impression of it. By including things like a wig or a balaclava or putting a lot of make-up on the model’s mouth she adds an unusual or artificial character to her portraits. Lampe’s work is both vulnerable and distant at the same time.”


comments (3)

  1. Clare Boersch /// 12.20.2019 /// 8:31am

    I LOVE these so much- the eyes!!

  2. Kristi Kohut /// 12.21.2019 /// 6:35am

    Wow…so incredible! Her work makes everything around you stop…you just have to pause to take it in.

  3. the jealous curator /// 12.21.2019 /// 6:47am

    so true!

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