sergey kim

Oh my word, YES. This light installation, titled “Neighborhood”, is the work of New York based artist and art director Sergey Kim. As you can probably tell by the bicycles and canals, this piece is part of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which is happening right now until January 19, 2020. Here’s a description of this absolutely gorgeous, glowing clothesline:

“Illuminated laundry hangs to dry on washing lines, as though it were a summer day in Amsterdam. Glowing white garments, and a cheerful collection of blouses, T-shirts, underwear, trousers and dresses, hang on either side of the canal. There are also some special items of clothing such as a pair of wide Turkish pants, a traditional Jewish dress, and a Moroccan djellaba. Together these pieces represent the cultural and ethnic mix of residents in the city. Spread between different houseboats typical of Amsterdam, Neighborhood is a subtle but surprising intervention in the cityscape.

The washing lines are hung between houseboats and together, they create a friendly, neighborhood feeling. It is this connection that is paramount for Sergey Kim; according to the artist, despite globalisation and the wealth of information exchange around the world, we increasingly fear foreigners. In large cities, people live in isolation, it’s common not to know your neighbors. The artist hopes to send a positive message into the world by using something as every day and universal as drying laundry to represent an image of people coexisting harmoniously.”

So beautiful, in so many ways.

{Photos via the Festival, and I found the final two images on Instagram. Closeup taken by @jenn_viss ; looking across the canal by @donoppedijk8825}

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