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Yep, Ashley Longshore is back and she’s ready to fire us up and get this decade started RIGHT!  You know the drill… here’s a peek at the stuff Ashley and I talked about. You can listen right up there under that very festive shot, or subscribe here.

First up, a few of Ashley’s usual muses… one of which could be YOU! What!? Yep:

Um… DO IT!  Email your authentic, colorful and enthusiastic selfies to hollywood@ashleylongshore.com and then cross your fingers. Tight.

Speaking of muses:

This is Ashley with one of her fashion heroes, Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi. His colorful, layered frills could not be more perfect for Ashley. The photo above was just a fun try-on session, but look what she took home for her own closet:

Bahahahaha! HELL YES! Oh, there’s so much to say. 1. The rainbow Tomo is perfection. 2. Yes, Tommy and Dee Hilfiger hosted a show for Ashley’s work during Art Miami at their home (!?) 3. I had to include those two photos of Ashley and her hilarious and talented friend, interior designer Andrew Alford (Note: I need to be friends with him.) 4. The “I’m just gonna do one last pee before the party” shot from Ashley’s Instagram feed during Art Miami. Pure f’n GOLD … just like her shoes.

Oh man, how do you go on after that? Easy, by showing a few pieces Ashley has recently acquired for her own collection:

Yes. All of of it. YES. There are links for all of these artists at the bottom of the post.

And finally, her amazing team. Not only does she work with them every day, sometimes she paints them too:

Ahhhhh! She was talking about Kate Grace … that’s her nursing her baby girl, Coco, dressed as – of course – a masked luchador. And I couldn’t NOT include a shot of Ashley and her Dad. If you see him pop up in her Instagram stories, WATCH.

At the very end of the episode, I asked her, WWALB {What Would Ashley Longshore Buy} – truffle fries or chocolate cake? I liked the very smart reason for her choice. Also, it gave me an excuse to show her sheet cake sculpture one more time:

Thanks to Ashley for being my first co-host of 2020, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more ART FOR  YOUR EAR next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Be Ashley’s muse
  2. Tomo Koizumi, Fashion Designer
  3. Andrew Alford, Interior Designer
  4. Little girl dressed like Ashley! 
  5. BLOOPERS! Will Ferrell / The Office / Carol Burnett / WestWorld

Links to artists:

  1. Elizabeth Barden
  2. Nora Martin-Hall
  3. Ann Carrington ps. she’s in both of my women books!
  4. Tali Lennox
  5. CB Hoyo


comments (12)

  1. Bradford /// 01.04.2020 /// 10:41am

    Aaaahhhh… SIGH! GASP! SWOON! I love art church with Ashley and Danielle! SUCH a perfect way to usher in the new year. I was just reading Ashley’s first book the other day and, man, did it help get me over a hump. As do you and this blog, Danielle. 2020 is this papa’s leap year, baby! Thanks ever so much for introducing us/me to Ashley. And thanks for being my “blog buddy” for all these years. I’m so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished, Danielle. Hugs and high kicks, B xo

  2. Bradford /// 01.04.2020 /// 10:43am

    p.s. – I got one xmas gift from the hubs this year… Ashley’s new book! The PERFECT gift por moi! Good man, Kendall! Am I right?

  3. Monica Bennett /// 01.04.2020 /// 1:00pm

    Thank you for this brilliant episode with Ashley L.! It was the kick in the pants I needed to empty out my office/den which had become the dumping ground for everything from my late mother-in-law’s t.v./photos/decorative mirrors to Christmas bows/cloth gift bags/ribbon/tags. Aaaggghhh. Enough. I started cleaning everything out will listening to you two chat and be amazing. I don’t have room in my studio for all the paperwork or room to muse so my work table gets covered in everything, which means no room to work without shifting stuff. What a way to block one’s creativity! So, again. THANK YOU for producing the episode I needed to hear right now, at the beginning of a great new year. Both you and Ashley are inspirational artrepreneurs. We, your followers and supporters, will be cheering and listening when you take that leap!

  4. claire /// 01.05.2020 /// 6:08am

    This is so amazing. So inspiring. I’m ready to worship at her church.

    I feel ready to go for it inn 2020 now!

    Thank you xxx

  5. Vivien Fleisher /// 01.06.2020 /// 8:19am

    This was sooo good. And I’ll be listening to it again and probably again through the year. Ashley is just so well spoken. Always new and exciting, honest, and inspiring.

  6. Elizabeth Barden /// 01.06.2020 /// 9:03pm

    Thank you for including my oil on linen portrait of the one and only Ashley Longshore, ‘Kaleidoscope Queen’

  7. Andrew Grinter /// 01.07.2020 /// 1:45am

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and the motivation JC & AL!


  8. Jaclyn Locking /// 01.14.2020 /// 7:37pm

    I listened to this while I was painting. What an empowering and honest episode! So much of what you both said resonated with me. I feel so motivated and inspired!! Thank you so much!

  9. Dana Burns /// 01.19.2020 /// 2:43am

    Fabulous podcast and such a zesty & inspiring start to 2020! I love listening to your podcast while painting! I’m with you — I AM putting myself out there this year and I WILL be selling my art. Including via Instagram (@danaburnsart) — why not. I actually got a painting inquiry via IG a few hours after I listened to this podcast. 🙂 Thanks for this podcast and also, to both of you, for shouting out other artists. I love artists supporting artists! I hope you make it to ‘Nawlins soon to meet Ashley.

  10. Doris Kapner /// 01.24.2020 /// 1:38pm

    Wow. This podcast got me verklempt it was so inspirational. I listened to it in my studio setting up to take photos to apply for a residency which is a long shot but why the hell not. Thank you so much for these amazing podcasts. They are a gift.

  11. the jealous curator /// 01.24.2020 /// 10:32pm

    thank you for listening, doris! good luck with the residency application!!!

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