marie-claude marquis

Hahahahahaha! From hand-lettered vintage plates, to new embroidery on old embroidery – both covered in curse words and blunt sayings – this is the work of  Canadian artist Marie-Claude Marquis:

“… Touching both graphic design and visual arts, she is inspired by souvenirs, nostalgia, pop culture, Quebec identity and her own emotions which she expresses with a feminine touch and a colorful sensitivity. 

In her gallery work, Marie-Claude  has mastered the art of re-appropriation in giving found objects new meaning. T hat way she can give these objects a second life, prolong their existence and reduce her own environmental impact. Mainly by typographical interventions, she always finds a way to give new meanings to these antiques. The result of her work is often humorous, sometimes irreverent but always keeps a big focus on aesthetics.”

Marie-Claude’s latest solo show, titled “We’re All Kinda Fucked Up” opens tomorrow night, Saturday January 11th at Recess in San Francisco {816 Sutter Street}. The opening reception is from 6-9pm, and the show runs until February 1, 2020.

ps. Recess is the newest space by the wonderful people behind Hashimoto Contemporary and Spoke Art. This is their first show at Recess {previously the Spoke space}, so go and check it out! 

comments (4)

  1. Broken, MC Marquis (because) – This isn't happiness /// 01.10.2020 /// 3:07am

    […] Broken, MC Marquis (because) […]

  2. Tatiana Bastos /// 01.11.2020 /// 3:29am

    Shattered f***ing dreams Y’all…! 😉

  3. Amy Tingle /// 01.11.2020 /// 4:41am

    WHY AM I SO FAR AWAY??? Making all my SF friends go see this show and send me 200 million photos because I love her work times infinity.

  4. Jude Hamilton /// 01.11.2020 /// 7:01am

    Love this art in so many ways…including this from Danielle’s story: “she can give these objects a second life, prolong their existence and reduce her own environmental impact.” Thank you, Marie-Claude Marquis for the art and thank you, Danielle, for sharing it!

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