sahar masarati

When Los Angeles based artist Sahar Masarati’s work started showing up in my Instagram feed, I thought what you probably thought for the majority of this post… “Ah, dramatically photographed flowers. Cool.” And then, slowly, the realization begins to set in… wait, are these … sugar? They are?! I CAN EAT THEM! Sahar’s background studies in Chemistry and Fashion Design {and a love for all things sweet} has resulted in her couture cake shop, Sugar Alkymi. Here are a few excerpts from her website about why she does what she does:

“I aim not to compete with mother nature, hence most of my floral sugar designs are abstract and not intended to be botanically correct. I believe in the poetry and romance of each creation with a whimsical and abstract touch. I’m fascinated by using mixed edible media, by pushing boundaries in the conventional use of sugar, in order to bring a new voice to this much elaborated art form … Sugar Alkymi’s oeuvres are designed to allure the indulger in the nostalgic history of art with romance, while amusing their palate to create sweet memories, one bite at a time. Sugar Alkymi is my Jewel and I welcome you to my magical world of sugar art and edible flower artistry.”

Sigh. Thank you, Sahar… I’m never leaving.

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  1. Zarrin Doraki /// 01.14.2020 /// 10:01am

    Interesting how I had similar reaction as you to Saha’s work of art….So happy to see her art is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

  2. Nina Spring-Dasht /// 01.14.2020 /// 10:14am

    WOW!! Spectacular sugar artistry by Sahar Masarati.