debra baxter

Killing me! She’s killing me with these little beauties every damn day! Let me explain… American artist Debra Baxter {who I’ve written about before, both here and here} jumped in on a hashtag that I started a little over a week ago when it became apparent that we all need to do our part by STAYING HOME. Enter, #30DayArtQuarantine … there are now almost 6000 artsy posts under this hashtag, including these stunners that keep popping up on Debra’s Instagram feed! This is what she wrote when she kicked things off with that yellow ‘n pink treasure above:

“I have decided to take on the #30dayartchallenge that is @thejealouscurator ‘s idea because I’ll likely be at home hiding from Coronavirus that long. So why not have some fun!? I’m going to make a bunch of small wacky assemblages like I did with #100daysofsculpture in 2014. Here is Day 1. If you decide to do this too use the tag #30dayartquarantine

Sooooo good … oh man, I wonder what she’s gonna make tomorrow!? ps. Anyone is welcome to use this hashtag… let’s see what you’re keeping yourself busy with during this absolutely bizarre time.