andrew mcintosh

Ahhh, the quiet work of Scottish painter Andrew McIntosh. I’ve written about Andrew before {here and here}, and just had to do it again as these lonely campers are currently hung on the walls of the James Freeman Gallery in London right at this very moment. They have very appropriately just installed a show titled “Splendid Isolation”. Here are the gallery’s words:

“As our first online exhibition of COVID-19, we are pleased to present ‘Splendid Isolation’, a collection of new caravan paintings by the Scottish artist Andrew McIntosh.

Andrew has painted caravans for many years: sometimes as a host for an Old Master painting; others, as a portal to a sunset or unexpected celestial phenomena. In all cases he taps into the curious appeal of the caravan as a miniature world within a world: a vessel for the intrepid, a means of escape, and a place for cocooned isolation.”

The show runs from March 24th until April 15th. Happy Friday. Stay home. Wash your hands.