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You hit play on that video, right? Wow. LOVE. This is the fabulous work of Karen Navarro, an Argentine-born artist currently based in Houston. These pieces are from two different, but similar, bodies of work. The red/pink pieces are from “Deconstruction”, and the more sculptural works are from her ongoing series titled, “The Constructed Self”. So, why does she slice and dice her portrait photography? I’ll let Karen explain:

“I depart from stereotypical photographic portraits of subjects to render them through constructive and deconstructive methods. To disrupt photography’s flat, two-dimensional surface I cut and reassemble the images to build sculptures and collages. I use photography as the basis for the three-dimensional objects as a means to challenge our visual perception. Often implying that identity is, in fact, a social construct while also engaging with notions of existentialist.”


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