dave pollot

Oil paint on found thrift shop paintings… loooooooooove. This is the work of New York based artist Dave Pollot. Before becoming a full-time artist, Dave was a software developer but, clearly, those days are far behind him. Now he spends his time painting bits and pieces of pop culture into thrift shop finds:

“Painting has always been something of a hobby to me, but it wasn’t until I started repurposing thrift art in 2012 that I did it with any real consistency.  The idea actually began as a joke between my wife (who loves to shop at thrift stores) and I, but it quickly evolved into an attempt to answer a question:  Could I take a piece of unwanted art, and without changing its aesthetic, change its meaning by painting into it some bit of pop culture/nostalgia and make it desirable in the modern world?  Since that time, I’ve also started to explore a number of more personal themes in my work.  For example, using popular food items inserted into still life paintings to represent the distractions (both mental and material) that prevent us from being present and focused on where we are and what we’re doing.”

Ah, so good! Dave is one of the artists I’ll be talking about TODAY Tuesday April 14, at NOON EST. Yes, he’s donated one of his pieces to be sold as part of the online fundraiser being put on by Showfields NYC and TAX Collection… and hosted LIVE by me. Eep!? You can RSVP to this online art sale right here… {and wish me luck!}


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