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Gasp! These pieces are the latest paintings by UK based artist Lucy Pass… I wrote about her “Lover’s Eyes” series awhile back, but oh my goodness, I saw all of this goodness on her Instagram feed and had to write again. Those inky black graphic lines with the soft pink realistic perfection of the faces? I am in love. Here is an excerpt from Lucy’s statement:

“I try not to impose a clear cut narrative on the viewer. My aim is to illicit an emotional response without dictating to the viewer what they should or shouldn’t be feeling. I have become fascinated by the range of responses to each portrait – what one person perceives can be in complete contradiction to the next. Sometimes these reactions can be clearly explained by the individual and other times it is something visceral that can’t quite be placed. The piece is then no longer about the face looking back at us, but about the feelings that it stirs and what that means about us.”

ps. Some of Lucy’s work is available in her shop.

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  1. Ekejgmp /// 04.17.2020 /// 11:56am


  2. Amy Branch-Lambert /// 04.17.2020 /// 2:46pm

    Love these so much!!

  3. Kellen Perlman /// 04.18.2020 /// 9:17am

    Hi Danielle,
    I just listened to your latest podcast and the suggestions you had for people on being creative and I have one you may be interested in doing and or sharing. It was started by artist Liza Lou and you can find more information on @apartogether_art and and @Liza_Lou_Studio.
    Happy to hear you are well!

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.19.2020 /// 10:19am

    thanks kellen – i’ll go check it out! : )

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