“fishin’ with santa claus in heaven”

He’s back! [insert fan-girl screaming here]. LA based artist Wayne White was on the podcast almost five years ago – episode no.30 to be exact – and I could not be more thrilled to have him back. Wayne is one of my favorite artists of all time for a whole bunch of reasons which, of course, we’ll cover during this episode. The really big reason though? He got me making art again. Not just dabbling, but truly finding my way to do the work I want to do, the way I want to do it. During episode 30, he had two words for me… just two, short but very impactful words that squashed a long held belief I’d allowed an old art school professor to plant in my head decades ago. I’ve told this story before, and it’s actually a huge part of the TED talk I was supposed to have done in Nashville in March {they’re rescheduling so hopefully I’ll still get to tell this story standing on that red dot on a big stage}, but today I got to tell that story to the man himself! Listen right up there under that Cheap Bastard, or subscribe here.

First, one of my favorite films ever / my favorite moment from said film:

Seriously, if you watch Beauty is Embarrassing on a plane you will lose it. I cried so much when Ms. Stoddard showed up in Chattanooga to get her book signed. Such a special moment… that Wayne almost ruined.

Okay, wipe away the tears because “it’s tiiiiiime for PEEWEE’S PLAYHOUSE”:

Soooo, I popped the theme song in here so you could see a bunch of Wayne’s work in action, but side note: I can still sing that entire theme song. Wow. I guess that’s permanently in my brain. Good to know.

Okay, moving along. These word paintings on found thrift shop paintings were my first introduction to Wayne years ago, and I still love them oh so much:

Beautifully painted and ridiculously funny… perfect combo, if you ask me. But, as he said, sometimes he gets bored of the thrift shop paintings, so here’s a look at his latest oil paintings. Clouds. Look at these unbelievable clouds:

Stunning! I loved listening to him talk about how and why he decided to paint clouds for this series. Poetic. Here’s a peek at them in progress on his easel:

I mean, come on. Gorgeous.

Ok, drumroll please…. introducing Wayne’s newest baby:

The Wayne White Puppet Show! *Bear played by Mimi Pond. Here are links to the first two episodes Ep. 1  /  Ep. 2 }, but keep your eye on his Instagram feed for upcoming puppet shows!

And finally, since we started off talking about Wayne as a kid growing up in Tennessee, please enjoy this:

Seriously, how could I not post that? Hey, he put it up on his Instagram feed, so I figure it’s fair game! Thank you so, so much to Wayne for doing this with me again; thanks to the Thrive Network for supporting the episode; and thank YOU for listening. Let’s have Wayne play us out, shall we …


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comments (6)

  1. Vivien /// 05.11.2020 /// 11:19am

    That was soooo wonderful. You did a stellar job of fan girling too! but honestly these conversations are just so cosy and comforting. I would never want to pressure you or anybody about continuing something– like when you took time off last year –but I’m so grateful you came back. You really put the ‘humanities’ into art. Never in my wildest dreams back in art school (late 90’s when I finished) could I have imagined a world where all this is possible–podcasts, instagram…all this amazing stuff at our fingertips. And getting to revisit Wayne’s PeeWee legacy!! thank you!!!!

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.11.2020 /// 12:40pm

    ah, thanks vivien! xo

  3. Adrienne Mason /// 05.18.2020 /// 7:51pm

    Loved the episode. When I tried to rent Beauty is Embarrassing though, it didn’t seem it was available to Canadians. Any ideas of where I can access it?

  4. Adrienne Mason /// 05.18.2020 /// 7:55pm

    Disregard! But other Canadians can buy/rent it here: http://buy.beautyisembarrassing.com

  5. Barbara Johansen Newman /// 07.12.2020 /// 11:19am

    I just loved listening to Wayne White again. Thank you! And I also loved listening to his wife, Mimi, as well. There is something perfect about their dry and sarcastic humor delivered in those subtle, understated wise-ass tones! Wayne mentioned that when they both collaborate on the puppet shows, they “fight.” By the time anyone reads this, everyone will be familiar with Sarah Cooper and her wonderful lip-syncing. Can I make a suggestion to them? They should record their arguments and have the puppets do the lip syncing. That would be hysterically funny.

  6. the jealous curator /// 07.12.2020 /// 12:46pm

    haha! that’s a hilarious suggestion! (and yes, sarah’s videos are soooooo good!)

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