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Finishing touches! 👌🏾

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Sponge Bob sheets transformed into imaginary, fluffy, flora? Work you have to comb before it’s finished? Yes and YES! This is the dreamy {meticulous} work of London based artist Adele Deloris Riley. I am always fascinated by an artist’s process, and spend a lot of my day thinking, “How did they do that?!”. So you can imagine how happy I was that Adele included the ‘before’ images of the forgotten scraps she turns into art! She was recently interviewed by The Sunday Times Home, and I pulled this bit of info/very sweet story from that article:

“Breathing new life into fabrics that would otherwise be discarded brings more fulfilment to the process”, Adele says. “During the uncertain times of the lockdown I found solace in my work. The laborious deconstruction and reconstruction of fabrics provided a therapeutic and joyous release … Lockdown has also brought new custom projects; Adele recently transformed an outgrown safety blanket of a client’s daughter into an artwork for her bedroom. “She had discovered it at the back of her wardrobe but it held too many memories to part with it. The personal touch was almost magical and so heart-warming. I feel grateful that I could provide such happiness during the pandemic to them through my work.”


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  1. Helen /// 07.22.2020 /// 12:39am

    How amazing! Such a gorgeous transformation. I hope she saves a scrap of fabric for the reverse just to show – like here – where the piece came from.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.22.2020 /// 6:21am

    yeah! well i’m just glad she takes that ‘before’ picture so all of us “process nerds” can see where this loveliness came from 😉