derrick adams

Mixed media collage AND rainbow-hued pool floaties? I’m in! This is the work of Brooklyn based artist Derrick Adams. Don’t you wanna float on a gold-toothed unicorn in that cool, blue, negative space?! Me too. Here is something Derrick wrote in an Instagram post earlier this year that sums up this ongoing series beautifully:

“In 2015 there weren’t any images online, or in art, of black figures on floaties – a state of relaxation and reflection. To me it represents the most contemporary form of American leisure, as well as a depiction of lived experience and ones aspiration. That’s when I decided to begin painting them. Because, frankly, I just wanted to see it in the world. Now it’s becoming common place in subject matter. GOOD. Mission accomplished.”

Yes! Paint what you want to see. ps. The first piece in this post is a self portrait… which makes me love it more than I already did!