david shrobe

This is the absolutely stunning work of New York based artist David Shrobe. Oil and acrylic on canvas and paper, wood, wool tweed, canvas fabric and gold leaf frame molding mounted on carved wood… and that’s just the list for one of the pieces above. Where does he get all of these fabulous materials, you ask? Listen to this:
“David Shrobe creates multi-layered portraits by repurposing everyday materials that he finds in his Harlem neighborhood. He disassembles furniture, separating wood from fabric and recombines them as supports for collage, painting and drawing. In doing so, he excavates history to create fragmented portraits that relate to his family history. Many of his works are oval in shape, and with their use of fabric, they bear a faint relationship to early daguerreian portrait photography, especially the early images of Frederick Douglass. By combining the found and repurposed materials of Harlem with the photographic history of African Americans, Shrobe produces new narratives that feel intimate and personal without being anchored to a specific time or place.”

Brilliant! David’s latest show just opened last weekend. ‘WALK THE AIR’┬áis at Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles from July 25 until August 29, 2020.