louise meuwissen

Oh. My. Word. This is “Ecology of Time”, 2018… zillions and zillions of found beads made of glass, leaded-crystal, Swarovski crystal, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, resin, bakelite, mother-of-pearl, shell, pearls, jade, agate, and the list goes on! This suspended stunner is the work of Australian artist Louise Meuwissen. She has been “painting with found materials” since art school, and I could not love this more! Oh, hold on a second…

“I’m a collector by nature, and have always loved the treasure hunt of second hand shopping at op-shops and markets. I’m attracted to objects that contain a certain level of care, communicate something of a specific time or place, or otherwise feel particularly precious. I love things that are handmade, have bold or unusual prints, are made from luxurious materials, or evoke some sort of nostalgia.”

Okay, love is now officially through the roof.

*Quote above via this interview Louise did with Obus in August 2019.

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