daisy patton

Prolific. From what I can tell, American artist Daisy Patton is never NOT painting. These are just a few of the pieces she’s created in 2020… yeah. In a time when so many of us feel stunted by the state of the world, Daisy puts her head down and keeps on adding magenta washes, flowery wallpaper, and meticulous patterns to LARGE scale found images. There are so many things that get me all charged up when I look at Daisy’s work… first, there is so much female power in every single piece – a sisterhood, if you will. And secondly, they make me want to make really big things! The vibrant palettes, the combination of materials, and the scale… love, love, LOVE. Here is part of Daisy’s 2020 artist statement for this ongoing series, titled “Forgetting is so long”:

“By mixing painting with photography, I seek to lengthen Roland Barthes’ “moment of death” (the photograph) into a loving act of remembrance. Bright swathes of color and the use of painted floral patterns underline relationships and connections to the natural world and beyond, adorning and embellishing these relics with devotional marks of care. These nearly forgotten people are transfigured and “reborn” into a fantastical, liminal place that holds both beauty and joy, temporarily suspended from plunging fully into oblivion.”

Sigh. So good. And clearly, I have to show you the scale of some of these beauties, right? Right: