‘the glass float project’

Ummmmm, a treasure hunt for glass orbs!? Oh my word, I NEED to go to here. Where is this, you ask? Block Island, 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. What is it?  The Glass Float Project, which was started by American artist Eben Horton in 2012. Here’s the gist:

“Hundreds of glass balls – similar to the glass net floats used by Japanese fishermen – are made at Eben’s Studio in Wakefield, RI and are randomly hidden across the Island. Some are hidden along the beaches of the island and some are carefully placed along the island’s miles of Greenway Trails that are maintained by the Nature Conservancy. The rules are simple… If you find one, Keep it! If you find another, please leave it so that someone else can find it. {We ask that if you find one, please register your find with the Block Island Tourism Council. Registering your float helps us keep track of how many floats are out ‘in the wild’.}”

How fantastic is that?! And of course, for 2020, Eben has created a very special orb for the hunt… ‘The Rona’, because yeah, you know.

{via The New York Times, Bio photo by Jillian Freyer for The New York Times}

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  1. Rivky /// 08.25.2020 /// 12:26pm

    I am touched by his generosity, such an important trait.

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