chloe chiasson

“Goodnight Chicago” : Oil, acrylic, wood, archival print, charcoal, polyfill, batting, resin, paperclay, vinyl on canvas {2020}. Oh, yes, I always love a realllllly long materials list! This is the gorgeous, VERY mixed media work of Texas born, New York based artist Chloe Chiasson. She graduated with her MFA at New York Academy of Art in 2019, and this beauty was finished shortly before everything shut down in March 2020. According to her Instagram feed, Chloe has just moved into a new, bigger studio… just imagine what she’s gonna make now!?

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  1. Rochel /// 09.03.2020 /// 11:29pm

    Chloe Chiasson did another masterpiece. “Goodnight Chicago” looks gorgeous indeed. From the media she used to the color choices, everything is just perfect. I love how she used mixed media for this one in the most creative way. This particular artwork is definitely a head-turner and I would really love to see this in my place. It gives off a modern and fun vibe wherever this is displayed. She actually is a genius. She’s one of the artists who can use mixed media to portray something in the most organized and harmonious way. I love how she incorporated everything. I think the clouds and the teardrops were definitely cute. It actually perfectly portrays the beauty of Chicago, especially during dusk. This really won my heart.

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