zoe young

So, you know how the world feels like a crazy, scary, overwhelming place lately? Just me? Well, I am taking today off from the never-ending news loop to look at these gorgeous paintings by Australian artist Zoe Young. I wrote about her three years ago, but I desperately need the calm of her zen-like still-life works again in 2020. Cantaloupe (or rock melon if you’re from Australia), checkered napkins, and a freshly sliced apple. Annnnnnnnnd, exhale.

comments (2)

  1. Helen /// 09.03.2020 /// 11:52pm

    That flat lay and intense, bright angled light, the crisp edges, the mad mix of nature and culture and food randomly strewn across the canvas. It all adds up to something sunny and soothing. A warm Mediterranean morning when the day ahead holds all kinds of possibilities for pleasure… Lovely work

  2. Katja /// 09.27.2020 /// 8:26pm


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